Bulletproof Backpack

In this article, I will try to inform you about bit more about bulletproof backpacks. I will talk about the usage of the bulletproof backpack, the average cost, its durability and if it can guarantee your safety.

Basic details

The bulletproof backpack is made of a flexible plastic fiber, which consists of similar materials as the body armors for law enforcement. The average cost of a kids bulletproof backpack lies between $99 and $490. Leading companies in producing bulletproof backpacks are Bullet Blocker, TuffyPacks and Guard Dog.

When and how to use them?

These backpacks were produced for safety measures. That means in the case of a shooting, theoretically the usage of a bulletproof backpack will improve the chance for survival. It can be used as a normal backpack and in case can be worn in front of your body, can be opened to provide protection to a greater area of your body or it can be used as a shield. To fasten this process, people buying this backpack, should undergo practice scenarios to react and to utilize the backpack faster in a shooting.

Can a bulletproof backpack save your life?

Many tests and studies were made and the results are, that a bulletproof backpack can increase your chance to survive, but it can’t prevent a rifle bullet from killing the wearer.


So is it worth to buy a bulletproof backpack? When seeing, that none of the existing backpacks available on the market stand a chance, when being shot by a rifle, it makes you think, that buying a bulletproof backpack would be a waste of money. But it is true, that it boosts the chance for you to survive in the case of a shooting. And when looking at the problem from this side, spending $500 is totally worth it. Even when your chance for survival is increasing by only 1%, this is still a chance, deciding between you dying or you seeing the next day!